A Late Introduction

Hello, my name is Aubrey Moore. As of today, I am 24 years old and a BYU-Idaho graduate with a Bachelor’s of History degree. I am considering going to graduate school to study film and the arts and eventually becoming a fiction and nonfiction writer. I enjoy yoga, meditation, reading, taking random walks in the forest (if I am near one) and enjoying life to its fullest. I created this blog so that I could write about my feelings and interpretations of movies, books, shows and anything else that inspires me. My ideas are pretty unique, at least that is what people tell me, and I know many people will disagree with me especially on issues of morality and religion.

I hate confrontation and arguing not because I am weak willed but because I am a passive listener and interpreter. From my experience, hatred and other negative feelings leave little room for inspiration or intellectual conversation. It is my policy to respect the ideas and opinions of others and decide for myself what I believe.




I love beautiful things. I love creative things. I love unique ways of looking at the world. Above all, I love true masterpieces in literature, art, cinema, music and the other arts. Since I was young, I have been more interested watching old movies with Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart and Greta Garbo than chick flicks or action movies. I also LOVE animation especially the old Disney movies and the works of Hayao Miyazaki.

My love of books started with Calvin and Hobbes, reached the Harry Potter Series, Lord of the Rings and eventually to the classics and even a few Manga like Fullmetal Alchemist and Mushishi. If you continue to read my reviews I will talk of many books and movies and often times will probably like or dislike things you wouldn’t expect. But isn’t that the beauty of human individuality?

When I was younger I would close up around others and often I felt ashamed of my interests. I have been called all kinds of things from book worm, culture queen, and music nerd but now I wear those badges proudly. Something changed when I went to college. Perhaps it was when I became a history major and decided to pursue my intellectual interests or maybe it was when I decided that it was folly to believe that truly appreciating great books, movies, and music was a sign of weakness. Whatever the case, I no longer inhibit my desire to seek out these things and share them with others. (You should hear me rant to my sister Amanda about Dante’s The Divine Comedy. It is quite thrilling).




When I get enough followers, I hope that you will give me suggestions. Lately I have been on a huge film kick so I don’t know when will be the next time I will write about books. I will do my best, for myself and those interested in my posts, to be concise and thorough in my comments and research. The next post will be my next installment of Highlights of Animation (top visual beautiful films). I hope you enjoy my blog. If you don’t then have a nice day and be sure to drink a lot of vitamin C and get plenty of sleep.

the man who laughs




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