This isn’t a review but an answer to a lot of things that I have been going through and what my family has endured. Take it as you will.

From the Perspective of an Old Soul

cropped-man-at-the-door.jpgSomeone close to me remarked that they couldn’t understand how those who suffer from depression can be told to simply be happy and that they have chosen to be the way they are. I believe that this statement is both right and wrong. For me finding meaning in the journey is a deeply personal thing and requires each of us to learn to endure the weight of world. No one can give to us the experience nor the wisdom necessary to accomplish this. We must find it for ourselves. If we can’t then how can we live when we find ourselves abandoned by the world? I write this post knowing that many won’t agree with me. But I also write it knowing that I need it. I need to assure myself that there is a purpose to what my family and I are going through. I write it for them…

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